About Us

Toolat is a niche innovation in the Oriental perfume market; A series of smart, modern and semi-classy stand-alone boutiques, elegant kiosks, shops and outlets all located inside showrooms, malls, shopping centers and walkways across the Kingdom presenting and offering the best oriental scents..... Read More

You will fondly remember the exceptional discoveries that accompany their by glowing smiles as they reflect on your visit to TOLAAT The true meaning of the eastern world. You will be in love with these fragrances.


With several locations of stores and kiosks in the major cities, shoppers can select a wide variety of products, gifts and personal requirements with ease.


By developing a unique concept of oriental fragrances, Tolaat provides smells that sends the feeling Ambiguous, strangeness and excitement.



Top Rated Products

Our exquisite range of products are made of exclusively oriental blends, such as Essential Oils, oriental perfume Oil, Boukhour (steams/vapors) Incense, Woods (Khashabia-Oud) and hair & skin care products.